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The concept of paying for a coach to help your training in powerlifting is very popular currently. Here at StrongArm, we support this idea very much. A knowledgeable and experienced coach can help you achieve your sport goals much sooner than you would by the "trial and error" method that was common when I got into the sport in the 1980's.

But... where do you look for a good trainer? Google it? Ask a friend? Both unpredictable. This page is being set up as a directory for personal powerlifting coaches in Canada. Hopefully it will become big list very quickly!

Are you a coach that wants to be listed here?
If you are a personal coach that charges for your services and would like to be listed here, please email to info@strongarmsport.com and we will send you a list of questions for your profile posting. Any coaches listed here will receive 10% of all StrongArm products.


Name: Shane Martin

Company name: Smartlifts
Email: mr.shane.c.martin@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smartlifts
Instagram: @smartlifts
Applicable education: NCCP Registered Coach and Bachelor Degree from University of Alberta
Years in business: 8 years formally coaching, meet directing, and conducting educational events such as the CPU Coaching Course, seminars, and workshops.
Location: Edmonton, AB
In person training? Yes, I train out of Evolve Strength in Edmonton. Email for bookings.
Remote training via email or similar? Yes, my coaching is a comprehensive distance package including unlimited email communication, video analysis, program adjustments, and weekly feedback.

Experience in the sport: 9 years of competing: Silver medal at 2017 Open Worlds, Bench Press. Gold medal at Arnold Sports Festival Bench press Championships 2017, 4x National Champion, and I am ranked the best all-time equipped bench presser in Canadian history with a 682lbs bench press. I have squatted 750lbs, benched 682lbs, and deadlifted 610lbs with a career best total of 2025lbs.

I have coached two World Champions, a World Record holder, over 40 athletes reach their Provincial standard, over 30 athletes reach the national stage, and hundreds of athletes hitting personal bests, getting stronger, healthier, and more technically sound under my coaching. I have experience coaching first time barbell lifters all the way to World Champions.

Any other information:
I have been coaching for over 8 years with a wide range of clients from strength enthusiasts to World Champions. Everyone has goals and I am happy and honored to have the chance to help you reach them.

My coaching background has utilized principles from the Russian, Norwegian, and American style of programming where you squat, bench press, and deadlift multiple times a week. Dietmar Wolf and Mike Tuchscherer are my main coaching influences - lots of practice with the three lifts, volume modulation, and higher frequency. I focus more on the compound movements, but include logical isolation and accessories movements to focus on lagging weakness throughout the plan.

I was the Head Coach for the University of Alberta Powerlifting Team for several years, and now I am a coach for Team Canada for their International roster and Team Alberta for Nationals.

My monthly distance coaching comes with the ability for video analysis, weekly feedback, unlimited email communication, and program adjustments. These coaching packages utilizes my almost decade of experience coaching and training powerlifters to continuously progress and build bigger totals, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced athlete, you will get stronger on smartlifts.

Name: Alex Saretsky & Victor Akpawan
Company name: Powerhouse Training
Phone #: 403.888.3190
Email: oneforallpowerhouse@gmail.com
Website: oneforallfitnessyyc.ca
Facebook: Team Powerhouse & One for All Fitness yyc
Instagram: oneforallfitnessyyc
Applicable education: Canfit Pro certified
Years in business: 5 years of coaching, 1 year of partnership
Location: 542 42 ave S.E. Calgary
In person training, specializing in online Training with in person evaluations.
Remote training via email or Facebook chat
Experience in the sport: Over 5 years experience in coaching and competition. Over 50 meets experience

We are first and second all time WILKS holders in Canada (in 100% Raw fed). Alex is at 457 and Victor is 462. Currently sponsored athletes representing Team Canada at 100% RAW Worlds Powerlifting competition. If you are looking for personalized training by a dynamic duo whom has experience and knowledge in Powerlifting, we are the coaches for you. Everyone can be a great lifter with great guidance.

British Columbia
Name - Mariam Power

Phone #- 250 741 7492
Company name - Marscott Fitness and Nutrition
YouTube: Launching September 2018
Years coaching- 10
Location- Nanaimo BC
Coaching in Person
Experience in sport- Competed in this sport for years as did my father before me. I have also coached 5 ladies who competed in BC in 2012, and 2014 as well.

Powerlifting is my first love. I would love to help coach more women or men, we have a studio here wit all the Olympic weights, bars, you name it, everything needed for platform.

Name: Cole Thevenot
Company name: Thevenot Training
Phone: (204) 998-0095
Email: colethev@gmail.com
Website: @thevtraining (instagram)
Facebook: FB.com/colethevenot
Applicable education: Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHKin)
Years in business: 4
Location: Blacksmith Fitness in Port Coquitlam, BC
Offering In person training and remote via email.
Experience in the sport: 5-6 years competing

I have been competing in both unequipped and equipped powerlifting since 2013 and training consistently since 2010. I strongly believe that the fundamentals of human movement should be mastered in order to make sustainable progress. My training mantra is pursue health, think longevity, and create results. I approach all training programs and clients that I work with as individuals with unique goals, histories and situations. No one person is built the same way therefore their training should be unique to them. Progress is guaranteed or you will not be charged a dime.
Name: Jason Klaus
Company name: Victoria Barbell
Phone: (250) 208-8754
Email: victoriabarbell@gmail.com
Website: www.victoriabarbell.com
Facebook: Victoria Barbell
Instagram: @victoriabarbell
YouTube: Victoria Barbell
Applicable education: Certified personal trainer
Years in business: 3
Location: Victoria BC
Offering In person training and remote via email.
Experience in the sport: Raw total 745kg 2018 National bench only champion. Any other information: My passion is getting people stronger. Chose your coach based on not how strong they are but on how strong their clients are. Go to my website (www.victoriabarbell.com) to view some of my clients testimonials.


New Brunswick

Name: Andy Langin

Phone #- 709-749-7188
Email- andy_langin1@hotmail.com
Instagram - @andylangin
Education- Canfit, currently in school for massage therapy
Years coaching- 2
Location- St. John's Newfoundland
Coaching through email communication
Experience in sport- been competing in Powerlifting for 6 years now, I've been able to obtain multiple national records and lift at nationals 3 times, placing 3rd in my first. I've successfully squat 295kg (650lbs) as a junior and have had a huge amount of success coaching clients of ALL fitness levels to their goals and beyond.

Nova Scotia

Name: Craig Bongelli
Company name: Lil's Gym
Email: craig@lilsgym.com
Website: craigbongelli.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cbongelli
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCeIUtYX1vesl4yogVdzGvDw
Applicable education: Certified strength coach and sport nutrition coach with ISSA
Years in business: 10+ years as a coach, 5+ years gym owner
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
In person training and remote training by email
Experience in the sport: I have coached a variety of athletes from their first competitions all the way to world level competitions in powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, crossfit and MMA/Boxing. Personally, I competed as a professional strongman in Canada as well as competing in the Arnold Classic World Amateur Championships. My best lifts were a 385 bench for 5, 700 squat, 700 deadlift and a 370 axle clean and press.
I've had the good fortune of being mentored by both Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell during multiple stays to train in Ohio as well as 3x World's Strongest Man and World Powerlifting Champion Bill Kazmaier who I stayed with for two weeks. The experience of learning from two of the best minds in strength sports has opened my eyes to the different aspects of training and coaching and allowed me to accelerate my results for both myself and my clients.

Prince Edward Island

Name: Alex Groleau
Email: Coachgroleau@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachGroleau/
Instagram: @coachgroleau
Education: Personal trainer / Ortho-therapist, kinesitherapist & massotherapist. My ortho-therapy background helps me prevent & deal with injuries.
Years in business: Over 5 years competing and 4 years coaching
Location: Quebec city & La Beauce, Qc
In person and remote via e-mail / facebook / etc.
Experience in the sport: Been competing since 2014 and I coached in person up to worlds. (as a personal coach for my athletes only, not as a team canada coach tough) Other information: Just so you know, I speak french and most of my athletes are french speakers too since i'm from Quebec. That doesn't mean I don't take clients that speak english, so don't be shy to get in contact with me. ;)
As my training philosophy goes, I'm a resourceful & science backed type of guy, who likes to get the most out of each individuals. Although I like the idea of some extreme training philosophy, I like keeping it fun and balanced since the answer is usually somewhere in the middle. I like to touch on some mentality aspect towards the sport which are also really useful in many other aspects of life.
I don't take myself too seriously. I don't like going to competitions like we're at war, I'm here for the long run. So if you actually love powerlifting and you're interested in improving yourself, we might be the perfect match.

Name:James-Paul Martel
Company name if any: Verdun Powerlifting
Phone #: 514-710-5954
Email: Verdunpowerlifting@gmail.com
Facebook: Verdun Powerlifting
Applicable education: NASM - CPT
Years in business: 1
Location: Verdun, Quebec
In person training or by remote over email
Experience in the sport: 2 years gym powerlifting, only mock meets, intending to compete this winter but I haven't selected a meet. My experience is limited but I truly have a thirst for knowledge and experience as a coach and teacher in other areas.
I previously owned a transport company and specialized in moving pianos. I decided on the change of career last year. I was going to be lifting either way, I decided to monetize my passion of powerlifting.
I take a unique approach for each individual, I pay attention to detail throughout my life and client interactions.
I want to encourage adherence and enjoyment while focusing on developing sound mechanics. Mostly I want to share the process of getting stronger/more mobile and healthier through powerlifting.
I provide a well equipped private studio:
Texas power bar, Calibrated kg plates, Functional trainer cable machine with 230lb stack, GHR, Reverse Hyper, Squat rack, Incline/decline/flat bench, Dumbells up 100lbs, Kettlebells up to 100 lbs