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After 30+ years hanging out in powerlifting and strength friendly gyms, plus four years of providing to the strength community, I've learned what strong folk want:
- good quality, reliable hardware
- nothing fancy, no high tech machines
- sturdy iron that weighs what it says it does
- as low a price as possible!

To this end, we are creating our own line of strength equipment. As high quality as we can possibly get it, while keeping it affordable to the home gym and small commercial gyms.

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StrongArm Deadlift Slippers StrongArm Deadlift Slippers

All leather, comfortable and functional.

Our Price: $30.00

StrongArm Calibrated Collars StrongArm Calibrated Collars

Keep that weight tight with these competition collars.

Our Price: $60.00

StrongArm Calibrated Kilo Weights StrongArm Calibrated Kilo Weights

Calibrated, made to IPF specs, at the lowest price you can find.

Base Price $125.00

StrongArm Power Bar StrongArm Power Bar

Th Best Bar for the price you can get!

Our Price: $257.00

StrongArm "Dish Rack" StrongArm "Dish Rack"

The Best plate rack ever!

Our Price: $295.00

StrongArm Squat Bar StrongArm Squat Bar

For BIG Squats!

Our Price: $325.00
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar

For BIG Conventional Deads!

Our Price: $325.00
StrongArm Sumo Deadlift Bar StrongArm Sumo Deadlift Bar

For BIG Sumo Deads!

Our Price: $325.00
Referee Lights Referee Lights

Simple wired referee lights, very reliable.

Our Price: $395.00

Reverse Hyperextension Reverse Hyperextension

Invented by Louis Simmons, for leg and back development.

Our Price: $525.00

StrongArm Plate Sets StrongArm Plate Sets

Full sets, just pick how many reds.

Base Price $830.00

The StrongArm Combo Rack The StrongArm Combo Rack

Our own version of the combo squat/bench rack.  Like the competition racks, but much more affordable.

Our Price: $895.00