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Are you SERIOUS about your Training?

Of course you are! Then you need equipment as serious as you are. StrongArm Sport, along with our equipment supply partner Bells of Steel have worked directly with the manufacturers to be able to offer a new line of hardware, from $300 home power racks, up to our new StrongArm Combo rack, and the original ER rack from Denmark. Working direct with the manufacturers allows us to offer some truly great pieces at prices considerably lower than our competitors. You won't go wrong with ANY of them.

Please note that our online shipping quote system does not work very well with heavier items like these, please use our Contact Page to get a shipping quote, usually returned within 24 hours. Include the item SKU number, and your full shipping address.

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Heavy Duty Flat Bench
Our Price: $217.00
Kettlebell Rack
Our Price: $247.00
ER "Dish Rack"
Our Price: $295.00

A simple, strong bench from Bells of Steel. Simple but sturdy!
The Best plate rack ever!
Residential Power Rack
Base Price $335.00

Reverse Hyperextension
Our Price: $495.00

A great multi-purpose bench from Bells of Steel. Simple but strong, a great rack for a great price. From Bells of Steel. Invented by Louis Simmons, for leg and back development.
Glute Ham Developer
Our Price: $617.00
Light Commerical Power Rack
Base Price $649.00

Commercial Squat Rack
Our Price: $697.00
A PL gym basic, great for leg and lower back work. A great rack from Bells of Steel, especially with the add-ons. Awesome hardware from Bells of Steel, the last rack you will ever need.
The Combo Rack
Our Price: $895.00

ER Rack
Our Price: $3,650.00
The best "Bench Press" bench you can buy, from Bells of Steel, made to IPF specs. Selling fast! The ultimate squat and bench rack, used in 90% of Powerlifting Competitions, IPF approved.