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Rubber Coated Weights
Base Price $60.00

Rubberized to save on the floors. All steel, interlocking design. Thinner than "bumper" plates, easy on the floors.
Bar Holder
Our Price: $96.00
York Plate Tree
Our Price: $125.00
Bells of Steel Basic Bar
Our Price: $149.00
Unclutter your gym!
Unclutter your Gym!
A great starter bar for home uses.
Swiss Bar
Our Price: $159.00
Safety Squat Bar
Our Price: $197.00
Trap / Hex Bar
Our Price: $197.00
Rotates your hands, great for keeping the elbows tucked in to work the triceps. Great for shoulder and arm problems, much easier to hold the bar on your shoulders. Great for back problems, lets you deadlift or shrug from a straight position.
Bells of Steel Power Bar
Our Price: $247.00

Aluminum Technique Bar
Our Price: $247.00
Buffalo Bar
Our Price: $295.00

A lower priced alternative to the Texas bars, and a great bar itself.
A 9 kg bar, great for using lower weights when learning the lifts. Better stability and easier on the shoulders.
Women's Bar
Our Price: $299.00
Bells of Steel Weightlifting Bar
Our Price: $299.00

Rubber Coated Weight Sets
Base Price $365.00
Specifically designed for the female athlete. Dollar for dollar the best weightlifting bar you can buy. Thinner than "bumper" plates, easy on the floors.