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These are the original Texas brand bars, made by Buddy Capps of Irving Texas since 1980. Not some cheap look-a-like imitation, these are the originals. Aggressively knurled for a great grip, you cannot buy a better bar for the price. Texas Power Bar's have been known to get hard daily use for 20+ years without bending at at all.

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Texas Power Bar Texas Deadlift Bar Texas Squat Bar
Texas Power Bar
Our Price: $545.00

Texas Deadlift Bar
Our Price: $675.00

Texas Squat Bar
Our Price: $755.00

The KING!  The best overall bar there is, well knurled, ready for heavy loads! Longer and thinner, designed to flex, allowing the weights to come off the floor gradually. Longer, and thicker, very stiff. If you are squatting BIG weight, this is the bar you need.